Sedation dentistry offers individuals with general anxiety about going to the dentist or fears about a specific dental procedure the opportunity to have a stress free and more comfortable experience. Utilizing safe and controlled sedation techniques prior to the dental procedure the patient is eased into a state of complete relaxation. This eliminates any discomfort, pain, and preoperative anxiety that may be associated with a particular dental visit. With sedation dentistry patients typically feel more at ease post-operatively as they have little or no memory of the actual moment-to-moment dental procedure.


For many patients, oral conscious or nitrous oxide sedation just isn’t enough to ensure comfort dentistry. We can offer total relaxation with IV sedation or general anesthesia. During IV sedation, you will still remain conscious so that you can understand your dentist and respond to his questions and commands. Although you are awake, the IV sedation will induce a state of deep relaxation that will keep you pain-free and peaceful throughout your procedure. IV sedation can also dull the details of the procedure and make your visit feel like five minutes or less!


Patients who have never had a pleasant dental visit in the past can change their perception of dentistry with general anesthesia. General anesthesia draws the patient into a sleep-like state so that they can snooze easily through their dental procedure. Many children and adult patients finally have success with improving their smiles when they take advantage of general anesthesia at the Center for Dental Anesthesia.

Whatever needs you may have, we would be pleased to help you create a customized dental care plan that will lead to a stress-free relationship with dentistry. Now you can wake up with a smile!

It’s time to skip the sensitivity and the anxiety and start enjoying true comfort dentistry. Schedule your consultation with our experienced and compassionate dental professionals today.