Early Childhood Orthodontics

Ortho-Tain® offers doctors and patients the most advanced orthodontic treatment available today to straighten teeth without braces. More than 2 million satisfied clients ranging from children to adults, have used Ortho-Tain® to straighten their teeth without braces quickly and invisibly!

What will our advanced orthodontics do for you?

Straighten teeth with Nite-Guide® for the 5-7 year olds in months, with passive nighttime wear while sleeping, guiding the growth of permanent teeth into alignment. Occlus-o-Guide® for the 8-12 year old treatment lasts 4-10 months. Adult Ortho-T® appliances show results in 1-12 months.

Gently straighten teeth without braces and the discomfort of wires and bands. Allows you to enjoy everyday activities, your favorite meals, and maintain excellent oral health. Correct overbite, overjet, rotation, crowding, spacing, and align the joints for TMJ treatment. Provide a healthy, attractive smile that naturally resists relapse for years to come! Put advanced orthodontics affordably in your reach at about 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of braces or even the cost of Invisalign. Enhance the smiles of adults, the mixed dentition age group (between 8-12), and children as young as age 5. Shorten treatment time of traditional braces, retain and maintain correction, prevent snoring with a Snore-Cure® appliance, and protect enamel during sleep.

When considering your family’s remember each orthodontic appliance was made to perform the three benefits all orthodontists work to achieve. The first objective is of course, making teeth look nice. The second objective is to provide correct function, aligning the bite and either avoiding or addressing TMJ problems. This goal is equally as important as the first, because so many patients have more than just superficial issues that would prevent them from being a candidate of other invisible aligners. Third, even the best solution for orthodontics must also take into consideration how healthy the overall dentition of the patient will be, for the rest of their lives. The proper treatment should prevent any relapse in the retention.

Hopefully, the orthodontic option you choose will improve your overall oral health, treating your whole body not just your teeth. Ortho-Tain® products straighten your teeth and also realigns your profile in order to treat the total body.

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American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

Orthodontic Intervention in the Early Mixed Dentition: A Perspective, Controlled Study on the Effects of the Eruption Guidance Appliance

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